Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madison Square Park - Rescue, Remedy and Relaxation

The word "relative" rings probably 1000 bells in my head. The object of focus remains the same, but the ways in which it is perceived is countless. Let the object be a subject or an action, it gains attention with the amount of relativity that tops the charts. Flipping out of the abstract mode, i am referring to a serene patch of land amidst concrete adventure in NYC. (Drift in my view from Concrete mass to Concrete adventure sounds like i am liking the place more !!) This post is dedicated to this place which served as go-to destination to relax with friends, a remedy for the stressful work and lifestyle  and a rescue from the tremors two days go. Thanks to the hussle and bussle of tectonic plates, I have had my first experience of an earth quake. Being on 17th floor, as the floor under my feet trembled and swayed, only one thought raced through my mind - "Have i gone nuts !*&^#@$". So much for the suppressed fear and anguish with a plastic coating of composed smiles, all is well. Thank God !!

Retracing my thoughts back to track, Madison Square is formed by the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The square was named for James Madison, fourth President of the United States. Its famous for the public sculptures by renowned artists from far away lands like Barcelona. Echo, as shown in the picture shows the face of a thoughtful nine-year old Greek child molded into a contemporary sculpture. Many such wonderful creations have been enticing local folks to grab lunch in Shake Shack, a cool fast food outlet in the park. Obese Squirrels with the sumptuous food, dogs with their revering owners, chirping pigeons and chattering crowd keep the park alive. Anyone cannot avoid but notice the flat iron building and the majestic empire state building when they lay down on the fresh grass lawn.

My point is that this park remained the same but how different people relate to this place makes it more special. Enjoying such wonderful conversations with people from the land of rising sun, i can relate to this place with multiple memories. Signing off remembering a quote from Path train mini display - " When you look around in gratitude, abundance overrules scarcity".

Monday, June 27, 2011

NewYork !!

  I totally attribute such an outrageous delay in posting a blog entry to my eternal laziness, which i assume to have overcome on daily basis :P So here i come with some updates on facts and thoughts that kept me busy in the past few months. Being landed in a job in dream city where irrespective of the busiest schedules, human race takes time to smile at strangers, put on make-up in domestic trains, read books while standing in subways, ignore the traffic lights as if they never existed, maintain the "shop till you drop" funda all throughout the day. Folks, Welcome to New york city, land of food and fashion. A couple of years ago, i visited the same city wondering at the numerous sky rise buildings, elegant monuments, grand museums and lively streets. As a tourist, i loved the place and cherished each and every day of my stay in this financial capital. But always wondered if i would fit in such avfast-paced lifestyle. well, here am i in the process of becoming a Newyorker.
    Life has been a roller-coaster ride, fun and scary in its own way. As senseless as it sounds, i enjoy standing in the mid-road on Broadway and stare at the NY architecture, tall and elegant. A walk after the lunch on the nyc streets remind of how diverse the mankind is and how this difference blends into a lively enthusiastic sect. Old and young working on caricatures, lip-smacking smell of mixed nuts, hip-hop dancers with a show-off of muscle and talent and the welcoming fragrance from farmer's market - these are filling my memory book these days. In the process of knowing more about this fabulous place, my weekends go in learning about the city, tasting various cuisines, reading history books and appreciating art of every form. Signing off with a mental note to blog every other weekend about my experiences and apprehensions in this new world. Chao !!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alison Wright - Privileged to know what a profound writer she is

I once read that we have about sixty six thousand thoughts a day and that two-thirds of them are fear based. We are taught to be afraid of what we can't control. Fear can be a good emotion for self-protection; if the danger is physical it leads us in one of the two directions: fight or flight. But so often we create a narrative around it in our own minds, and it's getting caught up in this fabrication that paralyzes us.

Faith is the other side of the story - it's what enables us, despite our fears, to fully engage with the unknown. This trust in ourselves, the world around us, or a higher power, requires us to question and examine our lives and define our own inner truths; and it makes us willing to explore. Unlike beliefs, which are something we obtain from the outside and are ingrained in us via our traditions or heritage, faith is something that resides within us. It's what gives us the courage to move forward.

Alison Wright who suffered shocking and potentially disabling injury in a road accident displays a remarkable courage and inspires the world with her climb to Mt Kilimanjaro, kayaking in Alaska and diving in the Indian ocean. Anyone who gets a chance to read this post of mine, please take time to read "Learning to Breathe", one woman's journey of spirit and survival. You will experience a life of exploration, devotion, transformation and the fierce flame of inspiration. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost in Coke Studio

Song Lyrics:

Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam..
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam..
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Yarastam..
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Ya...rastam..
Bidee Bidee Ki Khumoor Astam..
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam..

Chasmat Ke Bagh e Khutan Mein Mula..
Royat Mu Khula Phai Chaman Mein Mula...
Gul Robae Kunay Tharak Warak Muay Khunay
Mulalaay Zaray Bay Watan Miyayarat.......

Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam..
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Yarastam
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Ya...rastam
Bideh Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam....
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam....

Azumadanay Tagar Khabar Mein Dashtan...
Peshae Ka Damat Kocha Ragul Mein Khushthan...
Tol May Khushtam Gul e Gulaab Mein Khushtan..
Khakay Ka Damat Khaday Gamay Wadashatan...
Paimona Bideh...

Paimona Bideh...
Paimona Bideh... Ki Khumaar Astam
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam..
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Yarastam
Man Aashiq-e Chashm-e Mast-e-Ya....rastam
Bideh Bideh... Wang Wang
Bideh Bideh... Why.. Why Why
Bideh Bideh Ki Khumoor Astam
Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar....... Astam

English Translation:

Bring me the glass so I may lose myself
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
Bring, bring so i may lose myself
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself

Your eyes light up the garden of Khutan
Your face lights up the roses in the gardens
Face like a flower, it gives petals their fragrance
The Land of my beloved is Lalazar

Bring me the glass so I may lose myself
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
Bring, bring so i may lose myself
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself

If I hear of your arrival
I will spread a carpet of flowers under your feet
Spread flowers, spread rose flowers
I will sacrifice myself at the dust of your feet
Bring the glass...

Bring the glass...

Bring me the glass so I may lose myself
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
I am in love with my beloved's intoxicating eyes
Bring, bring..
Bring, bring..
Bring, bring so i may lose myself
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow Factor !!!

When i wonder what keeps people go on with zeal, happiness, being inspired enjoying day to day activities, i felt certainly "wow-factor" places a vital role. Whether its about learning something new in technology or in the field of our interest or about the filmy gossip or about the politics and science, this wow-factor certainly boosts our spirits. So, here am i, penning down some of the did you know(s) that made me say wow in past few days.

Scarification is a process of superficially etching words, pictures or patterns on the skin.
Did you know that scarification releases endorphins that can induce a euphoric state !!

Woomera is an Australian aboriginal spear-throwing device which enables a spear to travel much further than by arm strength alone.

Did you know that Linguistic exogamy is a form of cultural exogamy in which marriage occurs only between speakers of different languages. The custom is common among indigenous groups in the northwest Amazon, such as the Tucano tribes !! Wow !!

Did you know that every part of lotus lily is edible !! The stalk tastes like asparagus and the lily seeds like raw peas !!

Did you know that Australians eat green ants and they are citrus in taste !!

Did you know that crocodile eggs are the staple food for nauiyu nambiyu community in Australia !!

Did you know that termite mounds are used as a cure for intestinal problems !!

Did you know that  crocodiles can die by eating certain poisonous toads !! Yes, saltwater and freshwater crocodiles eat cane toads but quickly die from the poison contained in the amphibians' skin.

Did you know that africans reside in Gujarat and northern parts of Karnataka in India ?? These are called as Siddis and are believed to be the descendants of slaves, sailors, servants and merchants from the Bantu-speaking parts of East Africa who arrived and became resident in the Indian subcontinent during the 1200-1900. A large influx of Siddis to the region occurred in the 17th century when Portuguese slave traders sold a number of them to local princes. The Siddi population is currently estimated to be 20,000–55,000.

Film : Razia Sultan (1983), an Indian Urdu film directed by Kamal Amrohi, is based on the life of Razia Sultan (played by Hema Malini) (1205–1240), the only female Sultan of Delhi (1236–1240), and her speculated love affair with the Abyssinian slave Jamal-ud-Din Yakut (played by Dharmendra). He was referred to in the movie as a Siddi

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Few Did-you-know s that i came across

Lately I have been thinking of being productive wrt what i write in my blog posts. And i thought, why shouldn't i pen down the information that i read/hear/watch on television which might be of interest to the blog readers. So here i go listing down few of the latest did-you-knows i came across.

Did u know that Tapas are the appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. Barge into any bar in Spain and you can find wide varieties of these small meals offered with drinks. Tapas have a history of their own. Long long ago King Alfonso X of Castile recovered from illness by drinking wine with small dishes between meals. Henceforth King ordered every tavern in spain to serve tapas along with wine. Legend also says that these tapas were used as the covers to the prevent the wine from fruit flies hovering over the drinks. Tapas are designed so as to encourage the conversation because people are not focussed upon an entire meal set before them. It is also customary to stand and move about while eating Tapas. Such people are called Tapears for fun. While vegetarians relish egg plant, olives, garlic,peppers and tomato bread as tapas, non-vegetarians have a platter of sea food to choose from. All in all, a great snack to gulp in that glass of wine without letting it into one's head :P

Did-you-know that anything and everything in Vietnam is made in or dipped with fish sauce ?? yes, as Cognac in France, Ketchup in America, Vietnamese cannot live without fish sauce. Its salt, pungent, fermented taste is very famous and an island called Phu Quoc is dedicated to a finest fish sauce production. Its called Nuoc Mam. About 2500 tons of fish sauce is produced and sold under the knorr brand in vietnam. Typically, every woman in the family knows how to make fish sauce, the man goes to hunt the fish daily and the lady prepares the sauce. There are more than 80 producers on this island working in this business. Fish sauce is made from anchovies, salt and water. This mixture is stored in wooden barrels and allowed to ferment to produce salty fishy liquid. Some say that this could be an influence of Chinese on Vietnam. The island of Phu Quoc is also attracting many affluent tourists as well as investors, resulting in fishermen plunge into deep waters to find anchovies.

So much for today, shall try to pen down some more interesting facts this week. Till then Tạm biệt or Adiós

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zeal unlimited

A beautiful saturday in jersey city, walked across the snow maze on the street to reach a private firm on central avenue to file our taxes. As our appointment was 5 minutes away, myself and the hubby-dear sat down staring at the hustle and bustle of the tax payers in the office. Came in a mom with a 5 year old kid and rushed to meet her tax advisor. The kid sat down with an abacus, curious and lost in the world of colors. As i was noticing the kid's reactions to the colored beads, an old man walked across to the receptionist asking for his next client. I was awe struck and could not help but question myself if i were dreaming. I observed his every movement as he slowly walked around the office greeting the clients with a pleasant smile. Next came our turn and the receptionist guided us to a cabin. A medium build hispanic lady gently greeted us and looked into our papers. As our filing comprised of 3 different states in 1 year, she felt we needed to take the guidance from an expert and called in another senior advisor. To my surprise there walked in the same old man, with a humble smile he greeted us and asked us to follow him to his cabin. As we seated, my husband started explaining him our tax specs. After the conversation, he took in the required documents and slowly said i shall call you and fix another appointment in a week. He scribbled our information on his notepad as his fingers trembled in cold. We were about to leave and my husband expressed his anxiety in a mild manner about the deadlines. There came in the words which i shall remember for the rest of my life. The old man said "My name is Krishnakanth and i am 76 years old. I am in this industry since 49 years. I shall take care". He slowly confided in us that he was a maths teacher who glided into this profession, has been in US since 1980s. After we came home, i started frying some papads for lunch and my thoughts drifted back to him. How much zeal should a person have to work even at such an old age. The weather conditions have been pretty severe recently and it certainly takes some pain to reach the office and work at such an age. I was deeply impressed with his independent nature and zeal to be active. I believe its there in all of us, just the matter of realization and breaking the conventional walls of retirement. We need not work 8 to 5 every day all throughout our lives but certainly can keep ourselves active with any work we love at our own convenience. And i remembered the words of a wise corporate lady to whom i heard to recently "Do not retire before you have to". 
Who cares what time it is , I am retired !!! Never say that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One can never satisfy everyone

Silence, a state where one can stop, take a break and look into themselves than at others for a change. In rough times, its like a coconut. Even though you want to be stern and be for yourself in this state, it ultimately shows you how soft and capable you are within. It helps in understanding what you aim for and how petty the ups and downs in the life are when compared to the final goal. Sometimes it gives time to just be yourself in the best composed manner and realize how much you are going along with the flow of life and how much different you once wanted to be. It is the phase where one can not only introspect but retrospect and contemplate the actions and reactions. Just entered such a blob of silence and hoping to reap some results.

Silence is not silent.
Silence speaks.
It speaks most eloquently.
Silence is not still.
Silence leads.
It leads most perfectly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Enroute -10

Do you want a quick tip for good health, are you interested in loosing weight come what may, do you stay in a place where wearher is highly unpredictable and does it stop you from jogging or exercising outdoors ?? I have a solution. Loose pounds easily by just cutting on sugar. I started my weight loss regimen with jogging everyday for 1/2 hour, thanks to the winter in Jersey city, the riverview park i visit is covered with snow. Well, when there are roads waiting in the queue to be cleared, we cant expect parks to be specless. So, i took few minutes out and thought for myself. This might happen many times and i need to find an alternative to keep myself fit and flexible even on a cold winter day. As i do not have access to the gym indoors, i started with a resolution of sugar-free diet and weight-loss yoga for 1/2 hour everyday. This happened on december 22nd.  I suddenly realised how much sugar we consume in different forms on daily basis, which is absolutely not required for our body. Main culprit was my cup of coffee early morning and tea in the evenings. I got used to sugar-less filter coffee but sugar-less tea seemed a little challenging. I switched to green tea and voila all my measures to loose weight helped me in touching 130 pounds today. Its Jan 07th and my target date is Feb 02nd and i already lost 5 pounds !!! I would keep you posted on how the diet and yoga are helping me and i would really appreciate if you have some tips to share. Commit to get fit!! Way to go 2011 :)

Snow-covered Riverview Park