Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One can never satisfy everyone

Silence, a state where one can stop, take a break and look into themselves than at others for a change. In rough times, its like a coconut. Even though you want to be stern and be for yourself in this state, it ultimately shows you how soft and capable you are within. It helps in understanding what you aim for and how petty the ups and downs in the life are when compared to the final goal. Sometimes it gives time to just be yourself in the best composed manner and realize how much you are going along with the flow of life and how much different you once wanted to be. It is the phase where one can not only introspect but retrospect and contemplate the actions and reactions. Just entered such a blob of silence and hoping to reap some results.

Silence is not silent.
Silence speaks.
It speaks most eloquently.
Silence is not still.
Silence leads.
It leads most perfectly.


  1. Can understand :)
    sort of been there done that :D

  2. Have you ever wondered what "Observe Silence" means. Why doesn't the board read "Keep Silent" ? There is a deep meaning and intention in "observing silence" than keeping silent.

  3. Thats thoughtful, glad u revisited the blog.