Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A king by name Narcissus
Visited the lake everyday
A peek at his reflection
Made him jump in gay
Called himself the most handsome
Lying at the bay
A deeper look into the water
 In the abyss he lay
There came the forest fairy to remove all fears
Salt turns the lake filled with tears
Oh lake, don't you miss the favorite guest
Handsome was he, with his unquenched thirst
Wonders the lake and says Oh dear !!
Happy was i to have his eye as my mirror.

This was a short story told by Paulo Coelho as a fable in his own way.
I rewrote it with the words flowing in my mind today.

How surprisingly truthful is this. Ignore, Disagree, Contemplate, come what may, this is present in each and every human being. At one or the other point of life,  we try to see ourselves in others around us, sometimes we search, sometimes we complain, but truth lies in this story simple and plain.

Monday, January 11, 2010


A bright sunny day, a 2 mile jog and a few min walk, my first home-made french toast and the pretty white frock, all set to have a relaxed day, ended up 15 hours working in the office. Thus, went along a memorable sunday. What am i looking for, why didn't i say No, for how many things didn't i say No ! Does everyone face that. Do they turn back and ask why didn't I ! I do, i do every moment and trying to make every moment not a source of this question.

Mood : Sleepy, Tired, Introspective.
Music : Ehsaas thoda bhi jagaaye, apne dilo mein hum, Vande mataram

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disjointed fragments of my thoughts

A historical day,a person to remember, a change to seek, a life to look foward to.
Something motivates, someone challenges, something says within wailing in silence, this is not me.

Nothing makes sense when all of us are fellow passengers to the grave.
Yet asks the world to move on and be brave.
Child in me doesn't want to grow
Challenges the lady luck twitching her brow

Waiting for a brighter tomorrow, where its just thee
Watering the plants and dancing with glee