Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disjointed fragments of my thoughts

A historical day,a person to remember, a change to seek, a life to look foward to.
Something motivates, someone challenges, something says within wailing in silence, this is not me.

Nothing makes sense when all of us are fellow passengers to the grave.
Yet asks the world to move on and be brave.
Child in me doesn't want to grow
Challenges the lady luck twitching her brow

Waiting for a brighter tomorrow, where its just thee
Watering the plants and dancing with glee


  1. For someone who has just graduated,already in a job and engaged to someone you love,you dont seem happy or content.Whats up?Why the gloomy thoughts?


  2. Something helps me float, something is tied beneath to the ocean floor. Seems like fighting a lost battle, fear supersedes the inherent mettle.
    Aaaalll izzz welll :)

  3. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    y dint u start blogging earlier??

  4. I had a better outlet before :) Blogging is not bad either ;)