Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here am I, after almost 6 months penning down my views on the exponential rise of change with time. Married, bargained time to settle down on what i want, enjoying my day to day activities, life suddenly seamed to have taken a giant leap into a new world which looks beautiful. Or may be its a perception again. Balance is ruling on my charts and love is in the air. Someone pulls me in saying grab your strings before they cut. Do what  you crave for , know the passion within, enjoy your existence and play with the numbers around. Alive I sound, playful and chirpy, silence yet tells the slit is still felt. Great ones discuss ideas, cheap ones discuss people, mediocre discuss events. I think of togetherness, i long to be unified, people are different, but i want everyone to give life a chance. I am a learner and the life always holds a cane. Beat it or sing it, moral ends up deep within me. So are thoughts racing around in my brain, meeting new people, listening to their words, framing conceptions, still i term myself a lazboy. A toast, 2 clementia and a glass of skimmed milk, a healthy breakfast for an energetic day. Signing off to make some sense to myself.