Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alison Wright - Privileged to know what a profound writer she is

I once read that we have about sixty six thousand thoughts a day and that two-thirds of them are fear based. We are taught to be afraid of what we can't control. Fear can be a good emotion for self-protection; if the danger is physical it leads us in one of the two directions: fight or flight. But so often we create a narrative around it in our own minds, and it's getting caught up in this fabrication that paralyzes us.

Faith is the other side of the story - it's what enables us, despite our fears, to fully engage with the unknown. This trust in ourselves, the world around us, or a higher power, requires us to question and examine our lives and define our own inner truths; and it makes us willing to explore. Unlike beliefs, which are something we obtain from the outside and are ingrained in us via our traditions or heritage, faith is something that resides within us. It's what gives us the courage to move forward.

Alison Wright who suffered shocking and potentially disabling injury in a road accident displays a remarkable courage and inspires the world with her climb to Mt Kilimanjaro, kayaking in Alaska and diving in the Indian ocean. Anyone who gets a chance to read this post of mine, please take time to read "Learning to Breathe", one woman's journey of spirit and survival. You will experience a life of exploration, devotion, transformation and the fierce flame of inspiration.