Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sirivennela Smrithi

Vidhata talapuna prabhavinchinadi anaadi jeevana vedam...ommm...
prananadulaku spandananosagina aadi
kanula kolanulo pratibimbinchina viswaroopa vinyaasamm...
edakanumalalo prathidhvaninchina virinchipanchi
sarasaswarasurajhareegamanamavu samaveda saramidi...
nepaadina jeevana geetham..
virinchinai virachinchitini ee kavanam..
vipanchinai vinipinchithini ee geetham....
prathisa vaeneeya paina dinakara mayoogha tantrulapaina..
jagrutha vihanga tathulai vineela gaganapu vedica paina...::2::
palikina kilakila tvanamula swaragathi jagathiki sreekaramu kaaga..
viswakaryamunakidi bhashyamugaaa....
janinchu prathisishu galamuna palikina jeevananaada tarangam
chetana pondina spandana dhvaninchu hrudayamrudangadhvanam...:2:
anaadiraagam aadi talamuna anantha jeevana vaahini gaa..
saagina srushti vidhaanamu ne,
naa uchwasam kavanam naa nishwasam gamanam....:2:
sarasaswarasurajhareegamanamavu samaveda saramidi...
nepaadina jeevana geetham..

Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you ever associated the moments with pictures/music. I realized i do. If some song reminds me of the peaceful glance at the Ulsoor lake early in the morning from a window of TCS bus, some other reminds me of the much awaited power-cuts and the anthakshari time with my siblings. If songs from soothing voice of Rafi saab remind me of singing along with a friend of mine, sufi binds me together with an alter ego. I believe that our mind is synonymous to a camera and our eyes are its lens. I capture the places and the moments. They stay within me and float around me, sometimes i wish to forget, sometimes i cherish, but neverthless they stay.
I remember crossing a bridge in Nisargadama with a tall lady singing old melodies, i remember sitting on the footboard of a bus enroute a trip discussing about life with a  couple of friends. I remember walking besides my father pacing up to his speed, staring at the wonderful treetops along the Nadkalappa road. I cherish the tinkling sound of my mother's anklets when she arrives home back from office. India to US, Delaware to California, Philadelphia , NY, flagstaff, Tempe... everything is associated with a picture in my mind.
I remember my first pair of dancing bells and scribbling my name on the leather behind( in telugu :) in green sketch pen !!) And i wonder how i do not remember things which i have studied last week or the things which would be "Must-do"s in my list. Is it the interest that captures our attention, that makes us remember songs, associate pictures ! I remember a bread factory near my house and the lip-smacking smell from it during the evenings, on my way back from school. This was years ago. I wonder again.

I satiate my qwest saying answer lies in the interest, sometimes i ignore it in wonder.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have you ever wondered about journey. We travel, we meet strangers, we see places, we frame opinions. An elder of my family someday told me life is a journey that we take alone, everyone we meet have got their own destinations. They come at different phases, share their experiences, influence you and leaves you in wonder. As a child, i used to question this, i wanted my best friend to be with me till the end of my life :D. But as the life progressed, i started realizing how true those words of wisdom were. It does not matter how long the journey is,  every phase has got its own importance which does not wither away with time. When we start realizing this and   live for moment, we find the happiness and essence of time. And again, we question about the long lasting and fleeting ways of life. What can one call long lasting, when every moment is unpredictable.  Though momentary, wouldn't these moments have long lasting effects on a person !! At the end, everything drills down to nothing but vacuum. I believe nothing in this world has really any meaning, each and everything is relative. Let it be a person, a moment, a situation, an expression or even this thought :). A catastrophe which would have happened somewhere in a far away land is nothing more than a sad news for a person reading the news, than a person who goes through the circumstance. Whatever has happened never changes. Same logic applies to a celebration. When everything is so meaningless, what do we call as a purpose. Isn't purpose relative too. Sometimes i feel like hunting answers for many questions, sometimes,( as a dear one says ) i feel ignorance is bliss. A perfect Gemini.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Thoughts - neither a beginning nor an end in this little brain of mine. I don't remember when i started thinking about life, world, people, cultures, reasons behind the little chores which have become part of my life from childhood but are way beyond my reach to understand. Here am i, penning down my thoughts on various experiences , from philosophical thoughts about life to smell of mud just before rain, everything that captures my mind.