Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have you ever wondered about journey. We travel, we meet strangers, we see places, we frame opinions. An elder of my family someday told me life is a journey that we take alone, everyone we meet have got their own destinations. They come at different phases, share their experiences, influence you and leaves you in wonder. As a child, i used to question this, i wanted my best friend to be with me till the end of my life :D. But as the life progressed, i started realizing how true those words of wisdom were. It does not matter how long the journey is,  every phase has got its own importance which does not wither away with time. When we start realizing this and   live for moment, we find the happiness and essence of time. And again, we question about the long lasting and fleeting ways of life. What can one call long lasting, when every moment is unpredictable.  Though momentary, wouldn't these moments have long lasting effects on a person !! At the end, everything drills down to nothing but vacuum. I believe nothing in this world has really any meaning, each and everything is relative. Let it be a person, a moment, a situation, an expression or even this thought :). A catastrophe which would have happened somewhere in a far away land is nothing more than a sad news for a person reading the news, than a person who goes through the circumstance. Whatever has happened never changes. Same logic applies to a celebration. When everything is so meaningless, what do we call as a purpose. Isn't purpose relative too. Sometimes i feel like hunting answers for many questions, sometimes,( as a dear one says ) i feel ignorance is bliss. A perfect Gemini.

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  1. Well.... I have always had a hitch about life being entirely pointless.... and I have always believed in the concept of short term goals rather than long-term ones... But what we live is the journey and do your best to live it to the fullest extent... :)