Monday, January 11, 2010


A bright sunny day, a 2 mile jog and a few min walk, my first home-made french toast and the pretty white frock, all set to have a relaxed day, ended up 15 hours working in the office. Thus, went along a memorable sunday. What am i looking for, why didn't i say No, for how many things didn't i say No ! Does everyone face that. Do they turn back and ask why didn't I ! I do, i do every moment and trying to make every moment not a source of this question.

Mood : Sleepy, Tired, Introspective.
Music : Ehsaas thoda bhi jagaaye, apne dilo mein hum, Vande mataram


  1. haha...i am glad that I have company....i struggle to say 'NO'!

  2. Thats not commendable, i think we should work on it.Glad u took time to read the post :)