Friday, January 7, 2011

Enroute -10

Do you want a quick tip for good health, are you interested in loosing weight come what may, do you stay in a place where wearher is highly unpredictable and does it stop you from jogging or exercising outdoors ?? I have a solution. Loose pounds easily by just cutting on sugar. I started my weight loss regimen with jogging everyday for 1/2 hour, thanks to the winter in Jersey city, the riverview park i visit is covered with snow. Well, when there are roads waiting in the queue to be cleared, we cant expect parks to be specless. So, i took few minutes out and thought for myself. This might happen many times and i need to find an alternative to keep myself fit and flexible even on a cold winter day. As i do not have access to the gym indoors, i started with a resolution of sugar-free diet and weight-loss yoga for 1/2 hour everyday. This happened on december 22nd.  I suddenly realised how much sugar we consume in different forms on daily basis, which is absolutely not required for our body. Main culprit was my cup of coffee early morning and tea in the evenings. I got used to sugar-less filter coffee but sugar-less tea seemed a little challenging. I switched to green tea and voila all my measures to loose weight helped me in touching 130 pounds today. Its Jan 07th and my target date is Feb 02nd and i already lost 5 pounds !!! I would keep you posted on how the diet and yoga are helping me and i would really appreciate if you have some tips to share. Commit to get fit!! Way to go 2011 :)

Snow-covered Riverview Park

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