Thursday, February 3, 2011

Few Did-you-know s that i came across

Lately I have been thinking of being productive wrt what i write in my blog posts. And i thought, why shouldn't i pen down the information that i read/hear/watch on television which might be of interest to the blog readers. So here i go listing down few of the latest did-you-knows i came across.

Did u know that Tapas are the appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. Barge into any bar in Spain and you can find wide varieties of these small meals offered with drinks. Tapas have a history of their own. Long long ago King Alfonso X of Castile recovered from illness by drinking wine with small dishes between meals. Henceforth King ordered every tavern in spain to serve tapas along with wine. Legend also says that these tapas were used as the covers to the prevent the wine from fruit flies hovering over the drinks. Tapas are designed so as to encourage the conversation because people are not focussed upon an entire meal set before them. It is also customary to stand and move about while eating Tapas. Such people are called Tapears for fun. While vegetarians relish egg plant, olives, garlic,peppers and tomato bread as tapas, non-vegetarians have a platter of sea food to choose from. All in all, a great snack to gulp in that glass of wine without letting it into one's head :P

Did-you-know that anything and everything in Vietnam is made in or dipped with fish sauce ?? yes, as Cognac in France, Ketchup in America, Vietnamese cannot live without fish sauce. Its salt, pungent, fermented taste is very famous and an island called Phu Quoc is dedicated to a finest fish sauce production. Its called Nuoc Mam. About 2500 tons of fish sauce is produced and sold under the knorr brand in vietnam. Typically, every woman in the family knows how to make fish sauce, the man goes to hunt the fish daily and the lady prepares the sauce. There are more than 80 producers on this island working in this business. Fish sauce is made from anchovies, salt and water. This mixture is stored in wooden barrels and allowed to ferment to produce salty fishy liquid. Some say that this could be an influence of Chinese on Vietnam. The island of Phu Quoc is also attracting many affluent tourists as well as investors, resulting in fishermen plunge into deep waters to find anchovies.

So much for today, shall try to pen down some more interesting facts this week. Till then Tạm biệt or Adiós

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