Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow Factor !!!

When i wonder what keeps people go on with zeal, happiness, being inspired enjoying day to day activities, i felt certainly "wow-factor" places a vital role. Whether its about learning something new in technology or in the field of our interest or about the filmy gossip or about the politics and science, this wow-factor certainly boosts our spirits. So, here am i, penning down some of the did you know(s) that made me say wow in past few days.

Scarification is a process of superficially etching words, pictures or patterns on the skin.
Did you know that scarification releases endorphins that can induce a euphoric state !!

Woomera is an Australian aboriginal spear-throwing device which enables a spear to travel much further than by arm strength alone.

Did you know that Linguistic exogamy is a form of cultural exogamy in which marriage occurs only between speakers of different languages. The custom is common among indigenous groups in the northwest Amazon, such as the Tucano tribes !! Wow !!

Did you know that every part of lotus lily is edible !! The stalk tastes like asparagus and the lily seeds like raw peas !!

Did you know that Australians eat green ants and they are citrus in taste !!

Did you know that crocodile eggs are the staple food for nauiyu nambiyu community in Australia !!

Did you know that termite mounds are used as a cure for intestinal problems !!

Did you know that  crocodiles can die by eating certain poisonous toads !! Yes, saltwater and freshwater crocodiles eat cane toads but quickly die from the poison contained in the amphibians' skin.

Did you know that africans reside in Gujarat and northern parts of Karnataka in India ?? These are called as Siddis and are believed to be the descendants of slaves, sailors, servants and merchants from the Bantu-speaking parts of East Africa who arrived and became resident in the Indian subcontinent during the 1200-1900. A large influx of Siddis to the region occurred in the 17th century when Portuguese slave traders sold a number of them to local princes. The Siddi population is currently estimated to be 20,000–55,000.

Film : Razia Sultan (1983), an Indian Urdu film directed by Kamal Amrohi, is based on the life of Razia Sultan (played by Hema Malini) (1205–1240), the only female Sultan of Delhi (1236–1240), and her speculated love affair with the Abyssinian slave Jamal-ud-Din Yakut (played by Dharmendra). He was referred to in the movie as a Siddi

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