Monday, June 27, 2011

NewYork !!

  I totally attribute such an outrageous delay in posting a blog entry to my eternal laziness, which i assume to have overcome on daily basis :P So here i come with some updates on facts and thoughts that kept me busy in the past few months. Being landed in a job in dream city where irrespective of the busiest schedules, human race takes time to smile at strangers, put on make-up in domestic trains, read books while standing in subways, ignore the traffic lights as if they never existed, maintain the "shop till you drop" funda all throughout the day. Folks, Welcome to New york city, land of food and fashion. A couple of years ago, i visited the same city wondering at the numerous sky rise buildings, elegant monuments, grand museums and lively streets. As a tourist, i loved the place and cherished each and every day of my stay in this financial capital. But always wondered if i would fit in such avfast-paced lifestyle. well, here am i in the process of becoming a Newyorker.
    Life has been a roller-coaster ride, fun and scary in its own way. As senseless as it sounds, i enjoy standing in the mid-road on Broadway and stare at the NY architecture, tall and elegant. A walk after the lunch on the nyc streets remind of how diverse the mankind is and how this difference blends into a lively enthusiastic sect. Old and young working on caricatures, lip-smacking smell of mixed nuts, hip-hop dancers with a show-off of muscle and talent and the welcoming fragrance from farmer's market - these are filling my memory book these days. In the process of knowing more about this fabulous place, my weekends go in learning about the city, tasting various cuisines, reading history books and appreciating art of every form. Signing off with a mental note to blog every other weekend about my experiences and apprehensions in this new world. Chao !!


  1. nice one...totally agree with the amazement and awe that u feel when u walk down the streets in NYC :)

  2. nice post :) .. where's the next post from the other weekend j/k ...

    amazing how NYC feels diverse & different everytime I visit!

  3. @Kar : alwa :)
    @AK : ha ha still fighting the laziness , will try to write soon, glad you stopped by.

  4. have you wondered the perils a city like New York might cause to a human in his long journey? Drawing and luring him to the beauties of external world. Going father and farther away from inner realms.

    1. ha ha ha ha !! First and most important thought, i think the human journey is extremely short... i wonder why we do not have more than 24 hours per day when there is so much to explore and admire ...Inner Realms... how are inner realms justified, which are not capable to understand both sides of the coin !!!It's just the matter of what you would want to absorb ! May be just few thoughts of my optimistic mind !!