Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madison Square Park - Rescue, Remedy and Relaxation

The word "relative" rings probably 1000 bells in my head. The object of focus remains the same, but the ways in which it is perceived is countless. Let the object be a subject or an action, it gains attention with the amount of relativity that tops the charts. Flipping out of the abstract mode, i am referring to a serene patch of land amidst concrete adventure in NYC. (Drift in my view from Concrete mass to Concrete adventure sounds like i am liking the place more !!) This post is dedicated to this place which served as go-to destination to relax with friends, a remedy for the stressful work and lifestyle  and a rescue from the tremors two days go. Thanks to the hussle and bussle of tectonic plates, I have had my first experience of an earth quake. Being on 17th floor, as the floor under my feet trembled and swayed, only one thought raced through my mind - "Have i gone nuts !*&^#@$". So much for the suppressed fear and anguish with a plastic coating of composed smiles, all is well. Thank God !!

Retracing my thoughts back to track, Madison Square is formed by the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The square was named for James Madison, fourth President of the United States. Its famous for the public sculptures by renowned artists from far away lands like Barcelona. Echo, as shown in the picture shows the face of a thoughtful nine-year old Greek child molded into a contemporary sculpture. Many such wonderful creations have been enticing local folks to grab lunch in Shake Shack, a cool fast food outlet in the park. Obese Squirrels with the sumptuous food, dogs with their revering owners, chirping pigeons and chattering crowd keep the park alive. Anyone cannot avoid but notice the flat iron building and the majestic empire state building when they lay down on the fresh grass lawn.

My point is that this park remained the same but how different people relate to this place makes it more special. Enjoying such wonderful conversations with people from the land of rising sun, i can relate to this place with multiple memories. Signing off remembering a quote from Path train mini display - " When you look around in gratitude, abundance overrules scarcity".

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