Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving season, malls with people running around for deals, turkey smell in every neighborhood. Certainly missed my dear friends Lylah and Michael. Their welcoming and sharing nature towards us as students, will always be a lesson for me to carry on till my end. Being married this year, we thought we shall spend our holiday in a quite suburb where we started our married life and had to leave the place owing to shift in projects. The 3 months in this suburb will be one of our most cherished memories. As the train landed, we felt as if we are not from NJ but we have just gone for some shopping and returning back to our townhouse in Paoli. Loved the moment, as the nostalgia gushed in, enjoyed the walk to the Paoli place apartments. It was not a very active vacation, we just lazed around enjoying the place with our friends. Surprisingly, our week has started with so much of positive energy. We are feeling ecstatic about our stay in New Jersey now, though its an extreme cntradiction to the Suburban life. Reminds me of n-number of trips i enjoyed with my TCS gang. Even though most of us are scattered to different places, something tells me all of us remember and miss our days of togetherness and relaxing walks in the wild. Happy about life and the holidays. Hope you had a good holiday too :)


  1. hey thats so cool u went back to paoli
    nostalgia is an awesome feeling wherever it is :D
    and i can see u update yr blog more often now :)

  2. :D Am sure i will start crying if i visit Bangalore/Tempe. Trying to get committed to blogging time :P