Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall season

A fine morning, windy and sunny. Cam in hand, just took a stroll, hair wound up in a knot, in my pajamas, just a jacket to ward off cold, unkempt and lost. Fall and the trees shredding leaves, one of the best examples i could quote for "Change". A transition which accompanies distress and hope. The sadness that the colors are vanishing and the hope that someday its gonna be lush green again. Feeling good and trying to be content. Spoke to a dear friend, caught up on updates from india and was amazed at how lazy i have become. People travel for hours to reach their work place and here i am with so much of convenience. Am i getting used to unnecessary luxuries or am i managing my time diverting from the commute to useful stuff. Sometime i think more potential was tapped out of me while i was working in india as i was handling work, commute and yet had my lifestyle rocking on. Not sure.....thinking for now... Chao !!

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