Monday, November 22, 2010

My first Cast Iron skillet

Cooking, a hobby, passion, habit whatever i call, its become a part of my life. It might sound funny yet a badly seasoned dish or shortage of herbs in my kitchen frustrate me more than 100 other goals in my life. So i went online to make use of a gift card given by a dear friend to buy something that gives a lifetime company in my kitchen and voila !! i found it, its cast-iron. Well seasoned cast iron releases supplements of  nutritional iron into our food and a must-have possession of every chef. Skillet is a necessity than luxury for now and hence there goes my shopping splurge. Its expected to be shipped around November end and i shall keep you posted on the delicacies that i want to try on this new guest. Signing off sipping the chamomile tea in the lousy afternoon.

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