Friday, June 1, 2012

That Spark is what i am talking about !

Have you noticed ever that one simple thing can bring out the twinkle in your eye, it could be anything or many things ! But, the result is guaranteed.  I have been noticing such wonderful triggers of joy by just paying a little more attention. Dance ,play a song and you can notice my struggle with my feet; blue ...anything in blue.. i mean it.. a Wow comes out of my mouth.... Moon.i can stare at him for hours.... ripples  and the sound of water .. wild and strong or soothing... when i read a good book and my imagination rolls with it.. a smile comes out as i read the last line.. when i lay down on the ground like a small kid who is 28.. with my mouth wide open looking at paleontologists talking about dinosaurs.. that brings out energy in me.. when i read a world famous  puzzle had it's origins in an Indian temple and my eyes go big with wonder... leave me in woods and i fall in love with smell of mud.. freshness of green leaves and thousand thoughts.. ( i need to learn about trees... mushrooms.. soil varieties... fertilizers in old days.. agriculture... green house... do you think investment in farmland is good.. hmmm ... err... ya.. may be that's where the stock future heads to... blaaaahhh.... i know i know... my inner voice always remembers few wise words... 'one step at a time')

All in all, living is so easy, just ensuring that spark lights up in as many moments as possible...

Let me know of the sparks that ignite your spirit !!

P.S - twinkle is contagious ! your spark might lit up many more :)

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