Friday, March 26, 2010


Am amazed at the limits to which ppl could push themselves to and how truly circumstances bring out such unbelievable responses. This tells me somewhere within every human , there is just one simple mass of flesh which just needs some tuning to gear up and do things just like anyone else. Simple yet unexpected things have been happening around me since quite few days of my arrival in India.
Visited a temple and saw numerous devotees lighting lamps at a particular hour of a day to please the deity. Another mode of faith and i questioned is it true, are their efforts in the right direction. There are many and i mean a very huge number. I was intimidated to even ask, wondering if the answer is No, i would leave myself hurt that so many are in dark just waiting for something in return. I left the place quietly wishing their mode reaped the results.
Was watering the plants, which has become my daily routine and saw a cow in pain in front of the house. Even before anyone could react, it fell down on the street and there took place the most memorable street show i have ever seen. A baby calf was trying to put its step on the street with ten's of visitors watching the event.Wanted to be a vet in a split second and wished i could run to it to help. Hardly it could stand as the chord was connected and then the nature took hold of the scene. The chord broke and the mommy cow stood up and started licking the calf. Within minutes the calf was up and limping around. Wonderful was the moment and a smile spread on everyone's face. That showed me how simple things are designed by nature and how a human, being so sophisticated complains and cribs for 9 months. The entire process is made to look so complicated and few hardly realize that human race still grows in tribes where all the hyper medical facilities are not available. Are we getting used to luxuries unconsciously ? Or may be we are made to be over cautious about everything around. Yet our strength remains far beyond our estimations.
Thus thinking i have been spending the days and here comes a so called surprise which took away the happiness which lasted for a split second. How would people react if they know for sure something is going wrong and they are helpless and worse if it is affecting a dear one. You know there is no way out, expressing it out is not gonna yield anything, it is bound to happen and you know it is wrong for sure. I was faced with an unexpected scenario where i surprised myself by just being me and hopefully polite in being so. Its a pain to portray joy and suffocation to convince thyself, yet something calms me down saying everything is fleeting.
Hope to see more interesting scenes of play called "Life".


  1. make me happy and I could connect to all this so well. Very real writing ! :)

  2. Thanks AR !! Its nice to have you comment on my thoughts.