Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cause & Consequence

Few years back, well, about 8 years back, a mathematics teacher gifted me a book he purchased from Ramakrishna Ashram. Inspired by the wordings in this pocket book, i visited the place the same week. A very calm and serene location amidst the heavy traffic in Basavanagudi area in Blore. Shared the experience with a few of my dear friends and voila there comes my birthday gift, 6 books on different topics from the same publisher.Treasured the gift, as one of these books left an everlasting impression on my mind. Never imagined that a quote from this book gives me an answer to few questions which have been disturbing me since quite few months.

In short, i was affected by the understanding of a brain, as this brain has the highest probability of stimulating another brain which affects certain chemical and neural reactions in this little brain of mine. This situation had posed a strong question to me since quite sometime.

Whether we understand,pursue or ignore, clock still ticks on. Earth does not stop just because we don't understand the reason behind the rotation and revolution. The understanding gets nurtured from the way we are brought up, the amount of exposure to the world, to a certain extent our age and passion to find the answers. Few sects of human life seek protection under the shield of religious belief, give names to the super power and soothe themselves with this theory on the basis of extensive foundation laid by ancestors. This can be termed as blind belief or a smart choice. History is a strong armor to rely upon. Variety is the spice of life and here comes the next sect who do not believe in the religion, neither are sometimes old enough to comprehend, no history to back up (atleast not as strong as the one which is firm and deep-rooted). But again their understanding certainly seeks a reason for everything that happens around. If the first sect relies upon the ultimate for an answer, the other accepts that there is a cause behind every consequence. Here comes the unity in diversity.Sometimes this cause is known, sometimes this cause is still to be found yet exists.

This is what we term as "Faith", whether in superior power or the "reason and the result", this exists in every human being. This reassures me that " something is common in every understanding".

The title of the book - "Faith is Power".
Thanks to HNR sir.


  1. The last paragraph is simply amazing. No better words to describe it. I have always wondered how to explain what we call Faith. Although everybody can understand without an explanation, it always seemed to me that there is some mystery behind the word.

  2. Thanks Harish, understanding faith is a qwest with a relative destination. Sometimes i wonder whether there is a destination at all and every situation that defines faith is just another milestone.